Friday, April 12, 2013

Music Beginnings

 with Man during the brink of civilized organized structured union there was a certain brilliance in for of tribal rythme and vibe. Music the ever flowing structure of frequent outbursts all in harmony and in sync was a huge part of ancient cultures through out the world. From Mesopotamia, to Aztecs, to the Shang Dynasty  music is a critical teller of historical junction. Another example would be during the 60's and 70's when musical counter culture was at it's peak, trailing from the more underground roots of 50's jazz and swing. All these climactic musical ingenuis's seem to have one thing in common, jumping into the swing of things. The almost seemingly no-existent existent of continuous flow. Energy that is in essence essential for human development.

This post is centered around some very core ideas:

1...The world needs Music!

2....The world Loves Music!

3....Music is Eternal both very old and very young.

The concept of no having music seems almost disgusting and revolting seemingly annoying and robot all the same. With these core idea's in mind...Lets take a look at some of the beginnings of music...

The Beginning of the Universe....

The beginning of the universe is a prime example of angelic crystalline perfect music with all sorts of creative tones and frequencies being disbursed through the corresponding cosmos' the universe is delicate like that of a violin thrusting deep tones and hues of color that seem to intertwine into one.

This cosmic flow of energy is core to understanding what music really is...not just some lonely deserted broken promise, but the ultra intensive hope of unnumbered energies. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Greetings Music Lovers


         This blog will be written for the soul purpose of thoughtful soul music, and is not intended to be in any way shape or form a educational tool unless you wanna :)

Music is the man with the motive the condition on which we act our highest intention. Without music we'd have no respect for the vibrations of reality my friends..

In this blog we understand music theroy and application in the crazy world we live in, and how it all developed over time. (which actually is our friend).

This blog is written for the people by the people so be willing to give as much feed back as necessary. I understand most people don't actually read blogs, they just scan them for information they want. You can do that here, I will attempt to bold the important parts throughout. 

My name is Kody Dibble, I write for  and my other blog is so be sure to check these out. 

Thanks for your time! I hope you find this Blog interesting and informing.