Saturday, March 29, 2014

Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold

By: Luciano 

               This is a song I just recently heard that I suggest everyone give a listen to, very moving and inspiring. I haven't a slightest about the Singer but I heard this on Pandora today and thought to post about it. This song puts society in perspective about what can stay and what can't. It stresses that only peace and the Love of God can get us through our lives and someday we will thrive and be who we are destined to become. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


   A band like this is the reason why Techno music is good. The three composers and members form a electronic phomenon reaching worldwide regonition. With the "Rave Scene" and other scenes music like Telepopmusik has gained quite a rep, but a lot of other magic goes into Telepop, for instance their hit song Breathe, has found it's way in the home of a lot of different people. It seems their kinky vibe hits the hearts of more then just ravers, and street musicians. 

   A band like this doesn't come often, and I definitely recommend checking them out. Their albums Genetic World(2001) and Angel Milk(2005) stir a poetic mix of influencial electro-fusion delivered to your ears and senses. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Wish you were here

      Pink Floyd first  introduced the song Wish you were here and now Incubus has created their own very different version. This song is a beautiful make, with obscure tones. In a world and society so trapped in the singer seems to really want to break free from this chain, from this decaying world. He wishes and longs for someone to be with him, "IIiiiiiiii Wish you where hereeeeeee" He often breaks out in chorus. I suggest listening to this song if you haven't already, it will stir your emotions and memories. The band itself is a very great musical combination of electric sounds and natural sounds. Incubus has been around since 91' in the San Fran area. Give them a listen. 

I give Wish you were here by Incubus a 5/5 Stars.